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This site is for married men (everyone else please see bottom left). The sole purpose is to strengthen all men so they have the courage to face women, speak truthfully to them, and occasionally put them in their place.

Please review the pledge and if you agree please sign up. An email copy will be sent to you with your details on it. Your name and address (not your email) will be viewable by anyone visiting this site, so think carefully: do you really want to expose yourself so fully? No other use will be made of the register, and you can remove your entry by emailing me. Duncan Butlin, 1st September, 2018.

Single Men, Women, Boys, Girls

Feel free to inspect the pledge and download a blank copy for yourself. If you want to help the society, please visit our supporters website.

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The name and address of all those who have signed up, with a serial number for each. Reasons for joining are sometimes added.

Obtaining a pledge of allegiance and signing up for husbands.